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Brandy Factory

Production of legendary brandy Ararat dates back in 1887, when merchant Nerses Tairyabts, founded the first winery in Yerevan. Ararat is not simply an alcoholic drink, it is the reflection of Armenian spirit, culture, it is a legend and a heritage of Armenia.


                        Armenian brandy    brandy factory

Nowadays, Ararat is not just a factory, but also a touristic destination; it offers tours inside the whole factory, during which they are told about history of brandy making process, achievements of the factory, moreover, the tour includes tasting of  different types of brandies. Ararat brandy factory is a must visit place in Yerevan, among the most famous visitors are Michel Platini, Michel Legrand, Dmitry Medvedev, Sergei Lavrov, Garou and many others.

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