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Cascade Complex


The Yerevan Cascade is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Yerevan city. It is a huge stairway linking the center of Yerevan (Kentron) to the Haghtanak Park and the Monument neighborhood.

Yerevan Cascade is located in the center of Yerevan. Other known places in the city center neighboring Cascade are the Opera and Ballet Theatre and Matenadaran.

The Cascade is composed of a monumental exterior stairway, a long series of escalators, an intricate network of halls, courtyards and outdoor gardens where you can see numerous works of architecture and sculpture portraying Armenian rich history and cultural heritage.






Open Air Theatre

There is no similar structure anywhere on the post-Soviet territory. At first sight it is difficult to define its genre: it is neither a monument nor a building. To put it simply the Cascade is the original decoration of the city in the form of unique architectural composition. The Great Cascade reminding a huge multi-tier Babylon pyramid is a system of huge staircases gracefully connecting the downtown lying low and the residential area located high in mountains. All together it looks like an enormous spectacular modernist sculpture. Huge stair wells with fountains run uphill crowned with the obelisk of the Revived Armenia.

The Cascade building began in the 1970s but has not come to the end yet. The Cascade has not been completed. According to the initial design the stairs' top should reach the viewing platform of the Victory Park . Only 20 meters of stairs are missing… The Karabakh war, the city blockade and other events interfered.

The Cascade is located in the very beginning of the street bearing the name of Architect Tamanian. At the Cascade foot there is the monument to Tamanian bending over his general plan. Near the monument there is an amusing sculpture called “the Black Cat” by the famous South American artist and sculptor Fernando Botero.









In front of Cascade there are numerous small green areas with flowers beautifully planted in a way as to make a piece of art work. There are lots of interesting statues sure to attract every visitor’s attention. The statues are very valuable. Among them works of such renowned sculptors as Lynn Chadwick (British sculptor, one of the giants of 20th century art), Barry Flanagan (Welsh sculptor), Stanislav Libensky and Jaroslava Brychtova (Czech couple), Paul Cox (English sculptor), Jaume Plensa (Spanish Catalan artist and sculptor) and Fernando Botero (Colombian artist) are presented.


Some of Sculptures at Cascade:

  • “Stairs,” “Two Watchers,” and “Sitting Forms” by Lynn Chadwick.
  • “Acrobats” and “Hare on Bell” by Barry Flanagan.
  • “Open Window” by Stanislav Libensky and Jaroslava Brychtova.
  • “Ahoy,” a cartoon-like boat by Paul Cox.
  • “Black Cat” (right in front of Cascade) and the Roman Warrior (at the top of Cascade) by Fernando Botero.



The building that now houses the Cafesjian Center for the Arts is well known to the Armenian people, especially those living in its capital city of Yerevan. Known as “The Cascade,” the complex was originally conceived by the architect Alexander Tamanyan (1878–1936). Tamanyan desired to connect the northern and central parts of the city—the historic residential and cultural centers of the city—with a vast green area of waterfalls and gardens, cascading down one of the city’s highest promontories. Unfortunately, the plan remained largely forgotten until the late 1970s, when it was revived by Yerevan’s Chief Architect, Jim Torosyan. Torosyan’s conception of the Cascade included Tamanyan’s original plan but incorporated new ideas that included a monumental exterior stairway, a long indoor shaft containing a series of escalators, and an intricate network of halls, courtyards, and outdoor gardens embellished with numerous works of sculpture bearing references to Armenia’s rich history and cultural heritage.

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