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Due to the location in the subtropical zone, the climate of Armenia is continental. High altitude above sea level, as well as highly dissected terrain, explains the difference of weather in different regions of Armenia. Precipitation is distributed unevenly, depending on the altitude and on the season. Most of the precipitation comes in spring. In winter in the mountainous areas and ski resorts there are lots of snow, which stays on the slopes until mid-spring.

The summer is hot and dry. It begins in June and lasts till mid-September. In the capital and in the territory of Ararat Valley the daytime temperature reaches + 25/ 35 °C. The maximum temperature in summer is +42 °C. In the regions, the weather is rather mild; the difference between the regions and Yerevan is usually 7-10 degrees.

The autumn especially its beginning, is considered the most pleasant time for visiting Armenia. The weather is mild, warm and sunny. The nature pleases with bright colors and lots of fruits and vegetables. The temperature varies from + 20 to + 30 °C

The winter in the capital is short and sometimes snowy. The temperature ranges from +2 to -10 °C. In mountain regions and ski resorts, it is always colder than in Yerevan and in the mid-December there is much snow which stays till the end of February.

The spring here is short. It begins in mid-Mart and lasts till mid-May. The temperature ranges from +12 to + 25 °C. In the regions, it is always a few degrees cooler than in the capital.






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