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Yerevan is a surprising city. The pink-colored capital of Armenia was founded in 782 B.C. Most of the houses are made by tuff - volcanic pink rock, that’s why Yerevan is sometimes called the "pink city". The “father” of modern Yerevan is architect Alexandr Tamanyan, who managed to create the unique look of the city.

Yerevan  Tsitsernakaberd  Ararat

Yerevan was built 29 years earlier than Rome. But today, Yerevan is changing every day, getting new kind of modern metropolis with unique national characteristics, traditions and atmosphere.

Bars, restaurants and cafes are waiting for you in the evenings to enjoy and have unforgettable time. Yerevan with its own special and unique flavor has everything you ask of a capital city. There are museums aplenty, jazz clubs, a zoo, a trendy art scene and a very definite café culture.

Travelling to Yerevan you will have unforgettable impressions about this ancient and, at the same time modern city.


Yerevan  Yerevan  Yerevan  

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