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Armavir - GO TRAVEL

Area: 1.242 km2
Administrative centre:
Distance from Yerevan to Armavir:
44 km

Armavir region is named in honor of the historical Armavir area, which lays between Mount Aragats and Mount Ararat and is a part of Ararat Valley - the largest and the most fertile land  in Armenian Highland .

In this region architecture was highly developed here and the proof is the ruins of cyclopean fortresses, ancient monasteries, etc. Most famous sites of Armavir region are the following;

Zvartnots - On the way from Etchmiadzin to Yerevan we can see the ruins of Zvartnots, which is a real masterpiece of Armenian architecture. In 642 Catholicos Nerses III started the construction of the cathedral. The cathedral was dedicated to St. Grigory Enlightener, that is why it was built right in the place where the King Tiridates and St. Grigory were supposed to meet. Today, the visitors can see only partially restored columns of the cathedral, which are listed in UNESCO World heritage list. The ruins on the back of Mount Ararat form an amazing scene.


Zvartnots  Zvartnots   

Echmiadzin – Spiritual center of Armenia and a must visit site for every visitor; without Etchmiadzin tour to Armenia cannot be complete. Etchmiadzin houses Armenian Apostolic Holy Church, which was built between 301 and 303. If you are in Etchmiadzin, do not miss your chance to visit the Museum, which houses  unique collections of coins, carpets, paintings and other valuable materials, but the most important treasures are Geghard or spear, which  wounded Jesus Christ  and a remnant of Noah’s Ark. Here in Etchmiadzin tourists can see 3 ancient and most beautiful churches Hripsime, Gayane and Shoghakat.



St. Hripsime church is an ecclesiastical building notable with its architectural simplicity and loftiness and perfect example of cross-cupola churches in Armenia. The tomb of the Christian martyr Virgin Hripsime is in the sacristy of the church. 

St. Gayane is a 7th century church built in domed-basilica style. Legend says the church was built over the tomb of Virgin Gayane, who was martyred for preaching Christianity.

St. Shoghakat church was constructed in 1694 next to Hripsime Church. This church belongs to domed hall type of buildings, which was common in Armenia in 6-7th centuries.

Sardarapat Museum - Sardarapat Battle Museum was built in commemoration of the Armenian victory over Turkish army in May 20- 22, 1918. The Sardarapat Memorial is only 25 kilometers from Echmiadzin. The whole memorial with its nine bells can be seen in from far. These bells start ringing every year right on the day of the historic victory.


Sardarapat  Sardarapat  Sardarapat


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