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Kotayk - GO TRAVEL

Area: 2.089 km2
Administrative centre: Hrazdan
Distance from Yerevan to Hrazdan: 42 km

One of the most beautiful regions of Armenia is Kotayk, which boasts of it breathtaking landscape and rich nature with thick woods, high peaks, deep gorges, green valleys. Kotaykwith its numerous places of interest and unique nature is an ideal place for holiday, tourism and sport events.

Most ancient   historical and cultural monuments are located here; among them are Pagan Temple of Garni (1st century AD), Geghard Monastery (12-13 cntury). Apart from these, there are lots of mineral springs, recreation resorts in the region, such as Arzni resort famous for its mineral water springs in Harzdan river canyon, Tsakhadzor, which is modern winter and summer resort.


Garni  Garni  Garni

Garni – a unique pre-Christian structure which was built in 77 AD by Tiridates I. The temple was built in the style of classical Ancient Greek Architecture and was dedicated to the king of the sun Mihr. After adaptation of Christianity, this site was turned to royal summer residence. Garni temple was damaged by earthquake in 1697, and was reconstructed between 1969-1975. Nowadays Garni pagan temple is a must-visit destination for every tourist who visits Armenia.

Geghard - is located in a few miles from Garni, along the river Azat gorge, Geghard or Gekhardavank monastery well-known for its rocky sights.  This medieval monastery is unique in its style; the monastery is carved out of a mountain at the site of sacered spring. Geghard was founded by Grigory the Illuminator in 4 century, but the main chapel was built in 1215.  Today Geghard Monastery is included in UNESCO world heritage list.


Geghard  Geghard  Geghard

Tsaghkadzor is the most famous mountain-ski resort in Armenia.  Located in Tsakhkunyants canyon among woods and Alpine meadows, it is an ideal place for rest and recreation. In 1984 Tsakhadzor received a status of the city, was enriched with touristic infrastructure due to which it became one of the most visited touristic destinations in Armenia.


Tsaghkadzor  Kecharis  Tsaghkadzor 

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