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Aragatsotn - GO TRAVEL

Area: 2.753 km2
Administrative centre: Ashtarak
Distance from Yerevan to Ashtarak: 18 km 

The region of Aragatsotn encompasses the alluring Mount Aragats, and its picturesque foothills.  This region is reach in nature, mountains, rapid rivers and green valleys. The main river is Kasagh and the biggest lake is Lake Kari Lich (Stone Lake) which is located in the foothills of Mount Aragats. The region is reach in medieval monuments – Amberd Fortress, Saghmosavank and Oganavank. 

One of the most important sites of Aragatsotn is Osakan - a village where St. Mesrop Mashtots  tomb is located. The main reason why Armenians and foreign tourists visit Oshakan, is to see of the tomb of Mesrop Mashtots, founder of the Armenian Alphabet.

Amberd - The southern slope of Mount Aragats hosts the medieval Amberd Fortress (10 th – 13 th centuries), which used to be the patrimony of Pakhlavuni  dynasty. The fortress has a high locaton – about 2300 m above the sea level. The wall of the fortress is 4m thick and is fortified with sturdy towers.


Amberd  Amberd  

Saghmosavank Monastery is an ideal place for those who are in Armenia on a cultural-religious visit. The monastery is located only 35 km far from Yerevan. Saghmosavank Monatery was founded in 1215 when the prince Vache Vachyutian ordered to erect there the temple of Surb Zion (Holy Zion). Later the temple acquired extensions from the western and southern sides – the vestibule (1250), the book-depository (1255), the church of St. Astvatsatsin (1235).


Saghmosavank  Saghmosavank  Saghmosavank

Byurakan Astrophysical observatory (BAO) was founded in 1946 by  Victor Ambartsumian, who became the first director of the observatory. The observatory was designed by the famous Armenian architect Samvel Safarian and is located on the southern slope of mount Aragats.Today the observatory is opened to public for informative tours. 


Byurakan  Byurakan  Byurakan

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