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Tavush - GO TRAVEL


Area: 2.724 km2
Administrative centre: Ijevan
Distance from Yerevan to Ijevan: 124 km

Tavush is rich in nature, such as forests and rivers. The longest river is Aghstevit with its tributaries - Getik, Voskepar, Sarnajur, Hakhum, Tavus and  Khdzorut.  Most famous and major lake is Parz lake, surrounded  by amazing  nature. The region is  situated 800-1000 m from the sea level and the territory is mainly rocky and mountainous.
Ijevan is the capital of Tavish and received city status in 1961. The city was founded in the 18th century in the valley of Aghstev river and before becoming a city it was a small settlement. Nowadays Ijevan is a  well-known health resort with its famous mineral water springs. Here are located various sanatoriums and health centers, providing recreational treatments and therapies. Ijevan is also famous for its carpet factory, which was founded during Soviet time.

Lastiver is a real paradise on earth. It is located among thick forests with natural and man-made niches, settles for thousands of years, until the period of maturity of the Middle Ages. There are various caves and gorges and below the caves  there isa beautiful cascade of  waterfalls which amazes all the visitors. Lastiver is one of the most popular sites for hiking and camping  and is one of the most favorite resorts for locals.


Goshavank Monastery is located just 75 kilometrs far from Yerevan. The monastery is named after a famous Armenian thinker Mkhitar Gosh. Monastery was founded in 1188 by Mkhitar Gosh next to Getik monastery, which was ruined by earthquake. At first the monastery was named Nor Getik and only in 1213 after Mkhitar Gosh  died, the monastery was renamed  after Mkhitar Gosh. About 25 years Mkhitar Gosh lived and worked here. This monastery used to be one of the major religious and educational centers of medieval Armenia.


Haghartsin Monastery  is a medieval monastery located 18 kilometers from Dilijan. Mosnastery  was  built  among beautiful mountainous woods , far from cities and  roads. Due to its location it was named so; the name Haghartsin means “games of eagles”.
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