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Shirak - GO TRAVEL

Area: 2.681 km2

Administrative centre: Gyumri

Distance from Yerevan to Gyumri: 115 km


The Shirak region is located in the northwest of Armenia. The administrative center of Shirak is Gyumri, which is the second largest city in Armenia.

This region has rich in natural recourses - the great Arpa Lake, alpine meadows and valleys of Ashotsk and many others. Shirak is the only place in Armenia, from where visitors can admire the gorgeous view of the ruins of ancient city Ani. In every corner of this region we can see numerous historical and cultural monuments, testament to the enduring people who have made this land their home.

The monastery of Marmashen (10 th – 13 th centuries), which used to be a major cultural center of Medieval Armenia, is located in Shirak. This monastery is surrounded by walsm and is divided into two parts. The first part, consists of 3 churches, ruins of gavit, a small chapel, is the main part of the complex. The second part comprised of an old cementry and a 7th century church.


Marmashen  Trchkan  Marmashen

Another wonder of Shirak region is located in the village of Harich and is called Harichavanq, which is a 7th century monastery. Unlike the others, this monastery is well preserved  due to many restorations, modifications , which , however,  caused changes in the  original structure of the  church. In the result, the bas-reliefs made by  Zakaryan brothers, have been changed a lot. This monastery is also famous for its sacred sites.

Located on the bank of the river Akhuryan, Yereruyk is a 4-5th century church and is a perfect reproduction of human imagination. Yereruyk church is one of the oldest churches in Armenia and is dedicated to St. John Baptist. Unfortunately it is not preserved completely; the most of the building is ruined and the stones lay all around the church, which makes it difficult to get the overall image of this amazing church. It is quite interesting, that no written references about this church. The date of the construction can be concluded only from  its type and style.


Yereruyk  Harichavank  Gyumri

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