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Syunik - GO TRAVEL

Area: 4.540 km2
Administrative centre: Kapan
Distance between Yerevan and Kapan: 298 km

Syunik is the largest region in Armenia and is located in the south of Armenia. Syunik is also one of the most beautiful region with breathtaking landscapes and gorgeous Zangezur mountains. Syunik is rich in nature and cultural, historical sites .

The most prominent sites in Syunik region is Tatev Monastery. Construction of Tatev monastery lasted from 9-13th centuries and is a bright sample of medieval Armenian architecture. Although access to Tatev is difficult  because of the  terrain features, adventure seekers and  those  who value ancient history and culture ,  will never miss the chance to visit this masterpiece of medieval architecture. The whole complex is very impressive due to its location as well; it is located right at the edge of a gorge and downhill the gorge flows a river.


Tatev  Tatev  Tatev


Right next to Sisian there is Karahunj or Zorats Karer–most famous megalithic structures of Armenia. It is also referred as Armenian Stonehenge. This prehistoric monuments consists of hundreds vertical stones of about 2 meters heights  and have  holes on the upper part. In ancient times this stones were used to observe the universe and the stars.

Another wonder  of Syunik is called the Devils Bridge with 30 meters length and 60 meters wide. Underneath there are gorged, rocks and mountainous springs. They say, the bridge is formed by travertines during a long time; during centuries  limestone gathered and formed the bridge.


Karahunj  Karahunj  Karahunj

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