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Ararat - GO TRAVEL

Area: 1995 km2
Administrative Center:
Distance from Yerevan to Artashat: 
29 km 


Ararat is located in the Western part of Armenia, to the South of Yerevan. Ararat region is a must visit place for everyone, especially if they want to get a closer look at Mt. Ararat. This region is divided into two parts – plains and mountains. Mountainous part is fully occupied by the slopes of the Geghama Mountains.

Administrative center of Ararat region is Artashat city, which used to be ancient capital of Armenia and a major center of Hellenistic civilization till 4 th century BC. Nowadays the city houses various factories, including a wine factory, a crystal factory and others.

Once you happen to be in Ararat region, do not miss your chance to visit Khor Virap - a 17th century monastery, moreover here you have a unique change to see Mount Ararat with all its charm. Khor Virap is a pilgrimage site for millions in all around the world.  In ancient times the city Artashat was founded right here, and a royal prison was built close to monastery. Historian Agathangelo states during the times when Christianity was forbidden in Armenia, king Tiridat the Third prisoned St. Gregory the Enlightener into the pit of royal prison, where he spent 13 years. However, he survived due to a widow, who secretly fed him and later on ST Grigory cured the King from an incurable disease, for which the king gave him freedom. After getting freedom, St. Gregory with the support of the king Tiridat the Great declared Christianity as official religion in Armenia.




In the eastern part of the Ararat region is located Khosrov reserve, which was created for hunting and entertainment of Armenian   kings.  In 1958 Khosrov Wood was turned into a reserve, due to its distinct types of flora and fauna. Today, Khosrov reserve is one of the favorite sites for those, who visit Armenia.

Apart from flora and fauna, tourists can see numerous historical monuments, cave settlements, medieval monasteries, cross-stones   and, of course, a famous pilgrimage site – Saint Stepanos Church. 



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